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Love Your Stories

Love Your Stories Oct2023

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Love  Your Stories

The best part of helping clients is
receiving Reviews & Testimonials.
Your shared stories are able to help
others looking for the same resolution!


It feels like ages since I shared testimonials and reviews of clients with you.

When using all-natural skincare products becomes part of your daily routine, it’s easy to forget what your skin used to be like prior to using the range. I remember my skin feeling ‘ok’ for a time, before I needed to reapply expensive water-based products, as my face felt like it was going to crack if I didn’t moisturise.

Ironically, during the years of making Essentially Lili skincare products, I’m grateful that I apply daily to keep my soft & moisturised all day, before reapplying at night time after cleansing. Good skincare routines are necessary for long-term health and prevention of other unwanted issues.

Sometimes we feel that commercial brands, which spend millions of dollars on their advertising campaigns, have a magic element which will remove all our life-laughter-lines. Though a few moments checking their ‘list of ingredients’ will confirm that it contains mainly water, often synthetic elements & a splash of something natural, organic or BIO like ‘Lavender’, permitting them to use those latter words in the brand name! It shouldn’t be allowed!

These are your testimonials, sharing what you love about the all-natural product range. Start with the Essentially Lili Signature Product Nourishing Face Balm :

Isobel Falconer: in Switzerland wrote: I don’t know what i would do without the Nourishing Face Balm! It does wonders for my skin, it hydrates & I never have any redness. Whenever I use something else, I immediately get red rashes. I will never change to anything else!!!

Mara Eisele in Switzerland shared: Super happy with the Nourishing Face Balm. My face broke out with dry, flaky, itchy, red, patches a few weeks ago. After I smeared a thin layer on my face, I immediately felt the difference. My skin felt calm and the following day, the redness subsided. I’m now on my fifth day and my skin has almost cleared. The dryness and itchiness is gone. I am definitely sticking to Lili’s balm for my night time routine. It’s very economical too, you only need a little to cover your face. I’m sure the pot will last me for several months. Thank you Lili for the stellar service!

Ann S wrote: I’ve been using the Nourishing Face Balm for my own skin and loving it. When I noticed my mum’s skin looking red, dry and irritated, I applied some on her face. My goodness, the difference was noticeable very quickly, as the redness calmed down and she had a lovely glow to her face. Thanks so much for this miracle product on behalf of myself & my mum!

Corrina K in Switzerland shared: I’ve been using the Nourishing Face Balm for over a year now and I’m a huge fan! I’ve always had very dry skin and the balm keeps my skin lovely moisturised and adds enough oils to protect my skin, especially in the winter, without leaving a greasy feeling. The balm is very efficient, only a small amount is required and the pot lasts for quite a while.

Images – Testimonials Mara & Erin for Nourishing Face Balm and Mozz Off.

“Signature Products do their Magic.”


Antonella in Switzerland shared her experience with Mozz Off Ottimo come repellente zanzare e come cura sulle punture di insetto. Toglie infiammazione e prurito. Lo uso per tutta la famiglia.
Translated: Excellent as a mosquito repellent and as a cure for insect bites. Takes away inflammation and itching. I use it for the whole family.

Erin in Switzerland wrote regarding the Mozz Off : Love Lili, Love the Products! Lili is focused on customer care, both with making sure you have the right product and after care follow up! 5 Stars!

Another extremely popular product has been Go Molly which has not only dealt with treating warts, but we’ve also been using it as a disinfectant. The ingredients are calming and a better alternative to using harsh ingredients on those scrapes and cuts.

At our local school pool, it seems kids are constantly afflicted with the contagious spreading of warts, despite the use of chlorine in the water. The great thing about Go Molly is that it can be applied as often as needed to prevent new ones from popping up whilst treating the warts.

Fiona Affleck took a chance with the product and shared: Go Molly is an amazing product. I stopped using the lotion that the doctor prescribed as soon as I realised that even though this was more gentle, it was much more effective. It helped with scars as well as healing, preventing infection from spreading and treating the warts. Highly recommend! Two months later, she shared: We are just coming to the end of the process for treating the warts and Lili Giglia’s Go Molly solution was the best by far!

Laura Curatolo wrote: We used the Go Molly blend from Essentially Lili and it was the only thing that cleared the warts!

Bryony Jansen shared:
Our paediatrician told us that there was not much we could do for my son’s molluscum. “They go away by themselves in a few weeks or months. Beware that he will probably get a few more before they disappear. And they are very contagious so make sure he doesn’t share a towel with his siblings.’
I found Essentially Lilli’s website and ordered the Go Molly serum. Within less than a week, the molluscum had disappeared! I kept the bottle thinking they would probably pop back up at some point, or with someone else in the family, but we haven’t seen a moluscum since. Two and a half years after this episode, I am still impressed by how effective the Go Molly was!

Images – Testimonial Bryony, Claire & Mags for Go Molly & Sun Kissed Balm

“Specialty Products helping kids & Sun Lovers!”

Love Your Stories Oct23

Sun Kissed Balm was made for helping with discolouration and sunspots. Whilst it’s better to be diligent with prevention & applying sun protection, sometimes circumstances & hormonal imbalances can create these issues.

Antonella sent the Sun Kissed Balm to her mum in Italy who applied it to the areas causing concern. She shared: Mia mamma lo usa sulle macchie dovute all’età, le schiarisce ed è contenta.
Translated: My mom uses it on age spots, it clears them up and she’s happy.

Wendy from Switzerland shared:
It’s so easy to apply the Sun Kissed Balm and the instant skin gratification is a total wonder. My skin feels more balanced from the usual dry/oily ..and it feels younger and more supple!

Made with ingredients specific for mature skin, the Diamond Era Range not only rehydrates & boosts the skin’s cells, but works to improve its appearance. Check out the Ingredients listed for these products, as well as the benefits on of the elements used in the range.

A dear friend from Australia who I’ve known since I was a teenager. She saw my personal struggles with Eczema & blemished skin asked me to help with her sensitive skin. An adorable woman who is thriving in her 80’s shared: I have been using Diamond Era Balm (moisturiser for face) & Cool Eyes & have found them both exceptionally good for my skin. They are the best product that I have ever used.
Thank you Lili for making all your wonderful organic products available. Bless you lots & lots!

That has to be the BEST kind of word of mouth! Thank you so much bella!

Dawn Tan from Singapore shared: Cool Eyes, Every time I applied this in the morning I feel like I’m in a spa in Bali. It has helped my fine lines immensely ( can’t see any anymore) but I have never needed it more than now postpartum. I have been told I don’t look like I am sleep deprived despite having less than 3 hours of sleep at the most. Love this so much and makes me feel fresh and energised in the mornings.

Images – Testimonial Nola Diamond Era Balm & Serum with Cool Eyes, and Joanna Hochuli for Renew Balm.

Love Your Stories Oct2023

JOanna Hochuli shared her story:
I had an eczema on my inner wrist in mid April 2022. I used Renew Balm & just soothing. After applying for about 3 weeks, it totally went away. Lili products are amazing. Highly recommended. Thank you Lili ❤️

On the last newsletter, I shared this client’s photos using the Renew Balm where he had burnt his arm whilst cooking. The scars were almost gone after 5 days! Dawn Tan shared: This thick cream literally melts into my skin. With a newborn, I wash my hands a lot with soap and have relied heavily on this to restore my hands. Before using this I had peeling cuticles and very dry skin thanks to the hard water. After using it for a year faithfully, I can, hand on heart, say that it has saved my hands from cracking from cold and wind. I also love that it smells like chocolate – my 2 year old loves the smell too and calls it Mummy’s magic cream. I love it so much I gifted one to my mother in law and it worked miracles on her cut up dried hands. I also apply this on my feet and then put on socks, and it’s kept my feet supple and hydrated. Just in time for sandal weather.

Sharing the experience with a combination of products, Andrea Hurley in Switzerland shared:
I just wanted to put in writing how much I enjoy using your products. Ever since I had eczema as a child, I have shied away from putting anything at all on my skin, especially my face. But knowing that your products only contain good, healthy ingredients makes it so much easier, and I now love using the Nourishing Face Balm .
Also, since surgery and radiotherapy for breast cancer, I have been using the Renew Balm to soothe the area and heal the scars. Once the radiotherapy nurse said I could use any cream I liked, I switched to Renew Balm. On the first application, all the dead skin just rubbed gently away. My scars are healing beautifully too. I developed a small patch of eczema on my wrist around the same time. That was gone within three days of starting Renew Balm. Thank you for your pots of magic!

Gallery of Clients Before & After Images using Renew Balm – Post Operation, Burns, injuries & Eczema.

’Word of Mouth Advertising is the best way of promoting your favourite brand!’

There more stories but I wanted to share the latest ones with you.

Remember to keep applying as often as needed – that’s the beauty of using all-natural ingredients!! And Persist until you get the results you’re after, especially for problems like Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne and Warts.

If you haven’t shared your Reviews yet, please do so I can add it on the next celebration blog. You’ll receive your Recommend15 coupon for your next order as a thank you!

For those sending empty jars for refilling, thanks for being environmentally minded. Those have been cleaned, washed and refilled for you to enjoy your favorite products! You’ll receive a coupon for the bottles & jars that are being refilled, combined with your postage costs.

Thank YOU so much for sharing your stories and pictures too.I hope you have enjoyed the free gifts, coupons/vouchers I have given to show my appreciation not only for this, but for your loyal custom.Your stories and reviews have inspired others to want the same success for themselves.

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to book your own session: Consult Therapist.


  • What’s been your favourite product from the Essentially Lili Range?
  • Have you felt encouraged reading other’s stories?
  • Do you have any suggestions for what you would like to see more of in future?

’Why I Love making Essentially Lili all-natural skincare products!’

About Lili & Essentially Lili – My Health Studies include from 2016-2019 Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Holistic Skincare Products, Clinical Nutrition, Stress Management, Reflexology, Holistic Pain Management. I’m a Member of International College of Holistic Medicine. I’m currently studying Clinical Nutrition for Over 50s.

My aim is to help you get the results you want as I have already been on that hard journey to overcome the autoimmune disorder. If you wish to know more about Clinical Nutrition and how to kick start your health, book a private Consultation. Please send an email to should you need further assistance.  At Essentially Lili, the products made are all using 100% Natural Ingredients.  See the wide variety of Products available on the webpage.

Should you need help in deciding, start by reading the Reviews & Testimonials about other Customers who have enjoyed using the products.We have had some amazing Before & After results from Clients using the All-Natural Skincare products.  Please don’t forget to write your comments and reviews on our pages to share the love with others.

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