Neroli Fit for a Princess

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Neroli Fit for a Princess

The orange tree essence used by the

Duchess of Bracciano & Princess of Nerola, Italy.

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Neroli Essential oil (Citrus aurantium) had been used for centuries in Ancient Egypt, where the priests and priestesses included it in their spiritual worship rituals and physical aspects, like incense is used in churches today.  Neroli Essential Oil is associated with being in love, romance, often used for Chinese weddings, as it symbolises omens for purity, fruitfulness, fertility and moral virtue.   Ancient Chinese used it in their wedding bouquets, where eligible bachelors used the ‘collection of orange blossoms’ when looking for a wife.  It was also traded in both Egypt and China for its medicinal benefits.

The bitter orange was originally grown in Tunisia and Northern Africa, before being cultivated in France and throughout the Mediterranean regions. Today it’s also grown in parts of Florida and California USA.

Why is Neroli fit for a Princess? By the end of the 17th Century, Anne Marie Orsini, the French born woman who became the Duchess of Bracciano & Princess of Nerola in Italy was using this orange essential oil as perfume. She would add it to her baths and onto her gloves. ‘Neroli’ became the name to describe the essence as a result.

Fun Fact:  To create just one kilogram of this wonderfully deep and intoxicating mix of citrus with floral aromas, over one thousand kilograms of hand-picked flowers need to be collected. By-products of the Citrus tree’s fruit include Orange flower absolute from the peels, Neroli Essential oil from steam-distilling the small, white, waxy flowers, Orange blossom water from the steam distillation process, and the leaves yielding Petitgrain oil.

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How beneficial is Neroli Essential Oil for our Health?

There are many wonderful benefits from using Neroli Essential Oil.  It contains a super strong floral smell which contains a number of fantastic elements.  Let me share some of them:

Skin Repairer & Rejuvenator – Neroli Essential oil is known for its capacity to regenerate skin cells, together with improving its elasticity. Included in Essentially Lili’s Ladies range of skincare products, it is extremely beneficial for maintaining and invigorating your cells.  It aids prevention of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks, treating bacterial conditions and rashes.  These include Frankincense Face Serum, Diamond Era Balm, Cool Eyes and Tango Twinkle Toes.

Antimicrobial & Antioxidants – Neroli Essential oil has both antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, which allows it to kill microorganisms and stop growth of their bacterial agents.

Reducing Inflammation & Pain – studies conducted and written about in the Journal of Natural Medicines found its’ ability to diminish chronic & acute inflammation, as well as the sensitivity to that irritation.

Using Neroli Oil as part of your regular day:

Purify the air in your home – add a few drops to your diffuser to clean the air and inhale the anti-germ properties it contains.

Clear Your Head & Reduce stress – adding a few drops to your warm bath can aid lowering anxiety & stress, or inhaling Neroli before a hectic journey could give you a more pleasant perspective.

Helping you to sleep – put a few drops on a cotton ball and slip it inside your pillow case for a relaxing wonderful night’s sleep.

Skincare magic – seeing that it contains strong antibacterial composition, it’s able to treat acne breakouts gently, whilst regenerating skin cells.

Neroli Essential Oil is contained in the Frankincense Face Serum and Cool Eyes to help repair and maintain the youthful appearance of your skin.

Remember, whenever you’re applying essential oils directly to your skin, ensure that it’s diluted with a vegetable oil like Coconut, Jojoba or Apricot.  Use this on your skin, on stretch marks or broken capillaries to help reduce their appearance.   It’s often used with other citrus oils like Bergamot, Orange and Petitgrain.

Summarising the benefits of Neroli Oil:  It’s quite easy to see why Anne Marie Orsini, the Duchess of Bracciano & Princess of Nerola, Italy, loved using the orange essence in her baths and on her gloves.   

Neroli is used quite a lot in Aromatherapy as its properties can reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, increasing a peacefulness and calm.   The rejuvenating oil contains a natural chemical called Citral, which is the main element found in citrus fruit’s peel oil, particularly orange peel.  This is what helps to regenerate cells, promoting growth and restoration. For this reason, it is said to be very good at preventing and minimising stretch marks, whilst the antiseptic & antibacterial properties balance oil production, guard against breakouts, shrinks enlarged pores without drying the skin, revives its appearance and keeps it clean.   It helps treat oily, sensitive and mature skin as Neroli is great for smoothing fine lines and toning sagging skin.

‘Why I love making Essentially Lili All-Natural Skincare Products’.

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