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Steps for Treating Maskne

Flavio Gasperini Unsplash Jun21

Steps for Treating Maskne

Which is ‘Acne Mechanica’
caused by wearing masks.

Unsplash image by Flavio Gasperini


Have you noticed an increase in breakouts on your facial areas once the mask is removed?   If your answer to this question is yes, then ‘Maskne’ – acne mechanica is what scientists are calling this kind of acne which is caused by mask wearing.

We have been wearing masks to protect ourselves from potentially becoming ill as well as protecting others.But it has been causing our skin to become hot, sticky and sweaty underneath the fabric & materials.The friction against our faces can become uncomfortable, though it can foster the growth of bacteria and oil whilst being worn throughout the day.Our pores become clogged with dirt, sweat and oil as the masks keeps these trapped against our skin. In no time, these have developed into acne, particularly in the areas where the mask is resting.

For those who are in an environment where masks are required for longer periods of time, you may notice your skin is drastically more dehydrated, itchy and irritated.This can lead to other conditions like Eczema.Sadly, the acne breakouts and Eczema is happening for younger children as a result of wearing masks.

The masks are trapping all sorts of bacteria under What are some things we can do to prevent and aid these breakouts?

Change your Masks Often – if you have the opportunity, bring spare masks with you to changeover throughout the day.Try not to re-use the same mask to prevent putting the bacteria collected back onto your face.If you’re using the disposal masks, ensure they’re put in bins to prevent others from touching them.If you’re using washable masks, place them in the laundry bag for your next wash.

Keep Hands & Face Clean – Make sure you’re washing your hands, carrying your sanitizers with you as well.If your skin is feeling hot and sweaty, rinse your face with warm water and pat with a tissue. This temporary solution during the day, will assist in preventing the build up of dirt whilst mask wearing.

Wash Your Face – Once at home, and not going out again, cleanse your face and neck thoroughly.Make sure the ingredients are not harsh, to prevent further irritation to your skin’s condition. Some products contain retinyl acetate, parabens, aluminium and alcohol. From the Essentially Lili range, we have two cleansers available.You can choose from Cypress Cleansing Balm which is made with Beeswax, Butters and Essential Oils, or the oil-based Sunflower Cleanser which is great for treating acne.

Should we cleanse with our fingers or towels? – I would suggest to use your finger tips to gently massage the product into your skin whilst stimulating the removal of pollutants as well as encouraging blood flow.Rinse your face and neck with warm water, before using your face towel to pat dry your face.In this way, you’re not using disposable wipes or your face towel to cleanse, which ends up being more environmentally friendly.It will also prevent the built-up bacteria remaining in your face towel.If you prefer to use a face towel for cleansing, make sure you put it in the wash and get a clean one for the next session.

Wearing Foundation under masks – this can also cause your skin’s pores to become clogged with bacteria, particularly if you have to wear the mask for long periods of time.If you can avoid wearing make-up when wearing your mask for long periods, it can help prevent Maskne from occurring underneath.

Images: Unsplash – Gayatri Malhotra, Angelo Casto, Anton, Range of Products for treating Maskne Acne.

Watch your dietary intake – irrespective of the breakouts occurring from mask wearing or hormonal changes, there’s plenty of foods that cause our skin to become agitated.These include highly processed foods, sugar, fried foods and alcoholic drinks.Ensure your diet contains plenty of colours and whole foods, are rich in fibre and Vitamins too.

Don’t Pop – this will prevent unnecessary scarring and stress if you treat acne as naturally as possible.

Use Natural Skincare Products – In the mornings, after rinsing your face with warm water, ensure you moisturise your face to prevent it from drying out whilst wearing the mask for the day.At night time, ensure that you moisturise your face after you have cleansed your skin.

There’s a number of all-natural products from the Essentially Lili range which help treat, calm, rebalance and restore the skin’s healthy condition.All of these do not contain any harmful ingredients. For Acne prone skin, suitable also for youngsters and adults, there is Evanesce Balm which helps treat acne gently.It can be used in conjunction with Magic Serum .If your skin is prone to breaking out with both Acne and Rosacea, choose either the Vitamin Rich Mens Face Balm or Vitamin Rich Womens Face Balm.

Exfoliate once a week – – Exfoliating shouldn’t really be done more than once a week to prevent the removal of the necessary natural oils from your skin’s base.However, once a week, as part of the pampering sessions with clay masks and other fun items from your kitchen, exfoliating will allow for dead skin cells and built up bacteria to be removed from your skin, preventing Maskne from occurring.You can do your own steam treatment, then exfoliate you face to aid your skin feeling fabulous again.If you don’t have your own, you can check out my previous blogs for ideas: What’s in Your Fridge?

For other tips, I shared a Blog called How to Treat Cystic Acne in your 30s which many related to especially post pregnancy & during hormonal changes.

Whilst Maskne seems to be part of the new normal, taking care of our skin has altered to accommodate the changes.Remember to keep an eye on your dietary intake, stress levels as well as hygiene processes. Don’t wear used or dirty masks twice, and ensure that your face towels are washed regularly, especially if used as part of the cleansing process.For all-natural products that don’t contain any harmful ingredients, consider the Essentially Lili range which are soft, calming, gentle to use, whilst restoring, rebalancing and aiding the well-being of your skin.

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