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Therapeutic Benefits of Roses

Therapeutic Roses

Therapeutic Benefit of Roses

A Gorgeous Fragrant Flower, Wonderful in Aiding
Beauty, Wellness & Health.


As mentioned in the April 2023 Newsletter, this time of the year finds the streets of Zürich covered in white & pink Cherry Blossoms & Magnolia buds.   The fountains in the old town are also filled with roses from the 1st to the 10th of April.  It started as an initiative by the Churches of Zürich to ‘spread peace & hope to all’, where all the thorns are removed from the variety of rose buds which are placed in the water.

Historically, Rose oil was regarded exotic due to its unique elegance & fragrance.  It was quickly appreciated & grown by early civilizations as far back as 5000 years ago.  During ancient times, the Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, Persians and Romans included the use of rose essential oil for medicinal purposes, which are identical to how it’s being used today.

Steam distillation was the process started by the Persians, which allowed the extracted oil to be used for treating scars as it is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent and allows cells to rejuvenate.   The remaining rose water was utilised as a method for giving scent to their bodies.   Rose oil extracted by distillation from various types of petals occurs still today, and is commonly used in aromatherapy.   The oil is rich in Citronellol, it can be sedative, relieve stress, encompassing anti-depressive qualities in its aroma.

From the Middle Ages, rose oil extracted has been the base element in cosmetics and perfumery all over the world.  Bulgaria ‘Rose Valley’ is the world’s number one producer & global exporter of rose oil, followed closely by Turkey and Morocco.  In Bulgaria, they cultivate the rarest type called the  ‘Damask Rose’ (Rosa Damascena),  as well as the nicknamed Cabbage Rose’ (Rosa Centifolia) plant.

Fun Fact:  Did you know that it takes approximately 4000 kilograms of rose petals  to produce 1 kilogram of pure rose essential oil?   Just imagining the volumes of petals is mind-boggling, let alone the final product.  It’s for this reason a small bottle of pure essential oil is extremely expensive.

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What therapeutic benefits can we obtain from using Rose essential oil?

It contains a super strong floral smell which contains a number of fantastic elements.  Let me share some of them:

•    Citronellol is also found in Citronella makes Rose essential oil an effective bug repellent, whilst Farnesol, which can be found in Orange blossom, Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang are all natural pesticides.

•   Natural Perfume of Rose oil is incredible, without adding anything extra to it, allowing the cosmetics industry to use it as the base for many of ts products.  Rose essential oil by itself can be used as a fragrance, avoiding the need to include synthetic scents which many commercial products contain.

•   Anti-Depressant & Mood Booster where the scent can aid one’s mood & anxiety levels with its pleasant, fragrant smell.

•  Aids Acne Treatment where adding Rose Essential oil to your beauty regime can assist in getting rid of the bacteria responsible for pimples.  This wonderful oil can be found in our Magic Serum which gently treats Acne spots for all ages and skin types.   It’s also contained in Just Soothing  to assist treating Eczema.

•   Anti-Aging Properties  with its anti-inflammatory effects, containing antioxidants which fight free radicals that cause our skin’s cells to become damaged, wrinkled, dehydrated and aged.   Rose Essential oil can be found in the Nourishing Face Balm for women Over 30s, keeping your skin well hydrated and wrinkle free, whilst treating mild Rosacea & Eczema.

How can you use Rose Essential Oils?

•     Using a diffuser, add the oil to it for aromatic inhalation within the household.  This will make your home naturally refreshed, or you can add a few drops of oil with water into a spritzing bottle.

•    When applying directly to your skin, ensure that it’s diluted with a vegetable oil like Coconut, Jojoba or Apricot.  You can also use rose floral waters or hydrolats in the skincare pampering process.  These are generated after the distillation process of extracting the essential oils.  Rose absolutes can also be used in this way, and don’t require mixing as they are already diluted.

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